1. The time a stranger jumped into some girls' vacation photo.


Why old Photobomb Phil's been dead for decades now.
You got photobombed by a g-g-g-ghost!

Today marks the 11th anniversary of Facebook, and brings with it Friends Day, the giant social media site's giant social media celebration of itself. We have a lot to be grateful for this Friends Day, as we do every year on February 4. Without Facebook in our lives, we wouldn't be able to remember people's birthdays, stalk our exes, hate people on vacation, or laugh at the stupidity of the people in these 11 wonderfully idiotic screencaps. Enjoy. And happy #friendsday.

2. The time this guy couldn't wait to update his status until he got home.

We don't know if he was on foot, or where he is... but his phone works. (via)

3. The time this guy was a total hypocrite.

The anti-bullying movement had a good run. (via)

4. The time neither rain nor sleet nor snow could keep this guy from posting while driving.

The driver was right ahead of you on your feed! (via)

5. The time this person got offered sex as post-break up therapy.

Sex bomb with delayed detonation. (via)

6. The time this person was ridiculously dramatic.

Those are tears of joy...over how much attention I'm getting right now. (via)

7. The time this dad commented on the wrong photo.

He's going to regret this when she starts hitting on his friends. (via)

8. The time this person sought advice and got it.

Guess who just became ineligible for the boyfriend part. (via)


9. The time these people did not have profile photos of themselves.

Yep. Sounds complicated. (via)

10. The time this guy should have done this on the phone.

Jessica cares enough to tell you in private how little she cares for you. (via)

11. The time Denise had the last word.


Oh God! She shrunk! (via)