That dark blue says both "I'm tough" and "don't move here."

It should be noted that many people are emphasizing that school closures are more about an area's infrastructure than it is whether their inhabitants possess the mental and physical fortitude to endure falling water crystals. This, of course, is something people in warm places say to help them sleep better in their comfortable, non-life-threatening air at night.

Created by redditor atrubetskoy for r/MapPorn, there are a few things the author would like us to keep in mind when reading this map:

In addition to "merely the prediction of snow," freezing rain will also do the trick.
Also, here's that Hawaii snow link.

As he points out, California has some of the widest distribution of types of regions, which just goes to remind you what any Californian will tell you within 5 minutes of meeting you: you're never more than two hours from the beach or the mountains. One of which will act like the apocalypse is happening when it's cold.

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor atrubetskoy