In a bizarre turn of events at one Pennsylvania high school, a student has been arrested after police confirmed he was actually a 23-year-old from Ukraine. Arthur Samarin was taken into custody on Tuesday, just a few months before his graduation from Harrisburg High School, where he attended for four years under the alias "Asher Potts" (which is in the "McLovin" realm of names not to use if you don't want people to know you have a fake identity).


CBS News reports that "Potts" had a 4.1 GPA and a significant involvement in the school's National Honor Society, a student advisory board for a food bank, ROTC, and a Naval Sea Cadet program. This just goes to show that if you want to blend in at high school, put in the absolute minimum effort like everyone else.

Sgt. Terry Wealand of the Harrisburg police says that Samarin had assumed the false identity after his temporary visa expired, and that he lived with people he had befriended throughout the four years. Despite his shock, the Ukrainian's classmate Marcel McCaskill had nothing but kind words about Samarin, and admitted students even joked about "Potts" being a Russian spy due to his accent.

It's totally mind-blowing to me. Honestly, he was a very respectable guy. He was the perfect role model, someone you would want your son to look up to.

Sources: CBS News