Want to launch your personal brand? Trying to win the Late Night wars? Looking to make the leap from Daily Currant writer to big time Huffington Post interviewee? Today, there's no better way to make a splash than a viral prank. From wolves in Sochi to Diane in 7A, any compelling enough lie can be dredged up by the Buzzfeed/Gawker/HuffPo dragnet and drop you, gasping and flopping, on the viscera-strewn deck of true human achievement. Here's 6 free ideas of how you could fool and delight the world for your own gain.


Dads have had their day. Beneath the veneer of the recent viral infatuation with cool dads who build "insane" Adventure Time-themed playplaces and hand-write heartswellingly sex-positive letters to the secret boyfriends of their teenage sons is a desire as ancient as Greek myth to see Dad brought low. Couple that with the gut-wrenching pleasure of witnessing public ridicule and the inherent volatility of elementary school drama and you've got a trulybuzzworthy hoax on your hands. Maybe he shows up shirtless and knocks over the entire clarinet section like squealing tenpins. Maybe he throws unsavory heckles at the lady lead and is eviscerated by a suspiciously well-spoken seven-year-old. Either way, someone gets it all on sideways iPhone video, and America's therapists see business drop 15% practically overnight. Toss in some choice quotables ("Daddy wants drama!") and you can pull a pretty penny with "Drama Dad" graphic tees in the sixteen-hour window between blowup and exposure.