"My Demons" better be a part of the next Facebook revamp or we're switching to this.


Ladies and gentlemen, may we present Ganjdalf the Green, AKA Ganjdalf the Great Homeless Guy. Sure, he doesn't have a location or a job or any photos on his profile, but he's one of the few people who still take the time to write a good Facebook page. Even better, his feed isn't just full of plugs for his upcoming improv show or his friend's coffeeshop jam session. He definitely (hopefully) doesn't have pictures of his newborn clogging up the sidewalk. And instead of trying to guilt us into donating to environmental or political causes or Jesus, he's being honest about wanting the money for himself. In fact, we don't even know he's homeless and not just really good at begging, but he still may just be the best Facebook friend we could possibly have.

Sources: Redditor jaus