The Hilton Garden Inn in Louisville East, Kentucky won at customer service when they were able to fulfill one customer's weird requests.


When a customer named Meg booked her hotel room online, she wrote in the additional comments section that she would like a box of chocolates and a cat waiting for her in her room when she arrives (honestly, why don't hotels provide these things automatically?).

Well, the Hilton Garden Inn certainly did not disappoint.

The chocolate is not exactly in a box but who cares, it's still chocolate.

They also included a handwritten note.

Thank you for choosing the Hilton Garden Inn Louisville East!

We hope you have everything you need. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.

Your HGI Team!

Now you may be wondering if the hotel neglected the most important part of the request—the cat. Although they did not provide a living, breathing feline, they did supply Meg with the second best thing.

At least you don't have to change a litter box.

These pictures were uploaded to Imgur under the title, "Hilton Garden Inn, Louisville East has won my business forever" so it is safe to say that Meg was a happy customer.