Timothy Cade purchased a used hoverboard online, and it totally caught fire after he took it for a test drive. Let this be a lesson to everyone trying to get a hot deal on a hoverboard, because you can really get burned buying used stuff on the Internet. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, and he was near both a lake and a hose from a nearby house. He could have exaggerated the story to make it sound more thrilling and dangerous, like the guy who jumped from a flaming car. But he didn't exaggerate. Instead, he handled this like a pro and a responsible adult. Specifically, he screamed the following:

Mom! Get some water or something! It's on fire!

That's how you do it. That's how you handle a fire emergency like a grown-ass man. Yell for your mom:


Apparently those batteries cause tenacious fires, because after he extinguishes the fire, it starts back up again. And when it does, he yells to inform his mom again. Cade enjoyed the hoverboard before it melted, and plans to buy another one. Hopefully he continues to ride it near hoses and lakes, with his mom within shouting distance.

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