The former wrestler retweeted someone who stood up for him and did himself zero favors.

Ostracized-from-Hollywood Hulk Hogan. (Getty)


If you haven't been keeping up with Hogangate, here's a refresher: the Hulkster was caught on tape dropping N-bombs, and then the WWE dropped him. Also, his daughter wrote a poem about it, and everyone else is making fun of him. That was pretty much the whole story until this morning.

Previously, Hogan had just issued the standard official apology, but hadn't explained himself. Today, he gave a half-hearted defense by retweeting some poor schmuck who tried to back him up. The argument didn't really make sense, and now they're both in the line of fire. Here's the tweet in question:

That's really the best he could come up with? "Obama said it, so why can't Hulk?" I can think of a few reasons: one, Obama is black. Two, he was discussing race relations on a podcast, not talking about how he doesn't want his daughter having sex with black men. Three, Obama has more credibility than Hogan, because he's the president and not a big muscly clown. Hogan had some tweets of his own to add:

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