Man has been visually documenting his food since before the dawn of civilization:

"Brunch with my betches! #paleo #nocarbs #SundayFunday" (photo via Wikipedia)

But recently one restaurant/winery duo kicked things into overdrive by offering dishes designed to help you capture the perfect Instagram of your tater tots (they probably don't serve tater tots).

Behold: the foodture. (photo via Foodography)

"Foodography," a joint photography project between Catit Restaurant and Carmel Winery in Israel, is working with an artist to develop a line of smartphone-holding dishes that will allow even the most inept food photographers to shoot amateur POV food porn that looks professional.

You look good enough to eat. (photo via Foodography)

The project also features a food photography class, which I'm guessing consists of someone telling you to turn off your fucking flash. (I know one woman who could use a few pointers.)


"Wheeeeeeeeee! It's getting cold!" (photo via Foodography)

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