After becoming incredibly frustrated by the burkini debacle, artist and writer Daisy Bernard created this amazing illustration that perfectly captures the confusing and often contradictory rules that come with being a woman.

One of the reasons why we need feminism #everydaysexism #feminism

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One of the things that makes images like this so powerful is that sometimes even expressing these conflicts can be a conflict. It was only last year that Emma Watson wasn't allowed to say the word feminism in her U.N. speech about feminism, and she's a famous feminist.

Of course, being a woman (frankly, even being human) involves more aspects than just sex, so Bernard actually made a few of these split-sided illustrations for her article in The Tab, where she discussed these issues in depth.

"We’re constantly set conflicting expectations on how to look (wear makeup but look natural) or how to behave at work (act like a lady, think like a boss) or in relationships (don’t be a slut but don’t be frigid). These ridiculous expectations are created usually by men, and in many cases by other women too."

Here's another one about relationships (only in one outfit, maybe this woman is not into dry cleaning.)