Dude's got bloomin' onions.

This YouTube video of a guy getting out of his car in the Australian Outback to pose for a selfie with a "dust devil" might be the craziest video selfie ever shot. The Aussie bro was driving through the desert when he happened upon a mini-tornado forming nearby. Far from being frightened by it, he seemed to be absolutely stoked by the chance encounter, which presented him with the opportunity to put his life on the line for a shot at Internet glory.

To say his accent is thick is like saying the tornado was dusty, but I tried to transcribe his narration as best I could:

"Oright. Ah just past Dackerool Station and I just been watchin' this willie willie formin'. Checkaht... [no clue] That's absolute dirt devil startin' right theh. Far out that is gramph. Time to run in on this thing. Jesus Chroyst, that is huge! That is absolutely cuuuude. Yeaaaah. Yeah. Ack, ack. Gaht! [panting while running. Possible pants-shitting.] Ohsi! Oohooo! Oh, ooh, ooh!"

The footage is so fantastic that its validity was immediately called into question by commenters who are divided as to whether it's real or created with special effects.

Sources: Mail Online UK