Jenny, not fooling anyone. (via)

The next time Jenny McCarthy asks a question on Twitter along with #JennyAsks, it should probably be "yes" or "no." Because a few days ago she attempted to create a dialogue about dating with her 1.13 million Twitter followers and things got out of hand pretty quickly. That's because when you spend years going out of your way to be the face of a controversial movement, especially one involving children and disease, it tends to make people the kind of angry that lingers for a while.

It started out innocently enough a few days ago with this tweet:

What immediately followed was a barrage of responses that hasn't let up from people who think Jenny is putting millions of children's lives at risk and would like her to stop peddling bullshit about the connection between vaccines and autism.

The ongoing Tweetdown hasn't been lost on Jenny, who responded with a revealing Tweet about what truly matters to her.

So take that, haters. She may be as popular as mumps and measles, but as long as people are talking about Jenny McCarthy, she wins.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Jezebel