A bicycle-riding delivery guy for the sandwich chain Jimmy Johns took the business's pledge to give customers "freaky fast" delivery to the next level by jumping onto a moving freight train at a crossing and getting back down on the other side. While this incident, which took place on March 28 in Jacksonville, FL, was very dangerous and could have potentially delayed lots of people if something had gone horribly wrong, you also have to admire his determination.

Many people who watched the clip wrote to say that this delivery guy deserved a huge tip, and that they wished their local food-bringers were more like him. Others attacked the guy for taking his own life into his hands over a measly sandwich.

Local Jimmy Johns managers and owners, however, were not amused. Elizabeth Scott, the owner of several Jacksonville Jimmy Johns location, took her condemnation to the press. "We do not condone that type of delivery method," Scott said. "We expect all of our drivers and delivery employees to follow all traffic laws and in this case, railroad crossing laws"


Scott will look into who the employee might be, and will have a talk with all her employees about railroad crossings. Sounds like a fun meeting.