On Monday, Johari Osayi Idusuyi was caught on camera reading a book behind presidential hopeful Donald Trump at a rally in Springfield, Illinois. Many are calling what she did a protest against the xenophobic Republican. Her reading selection seems particularly intentional—Claudia Rankine's award-winning book Citizen, which is a collection of poems about race in America. But Idusuyi insists that her intention was never to disrupt Trump or bother any of his supporters. She says she actually came to see if he could change her mind.


In an interview with local news station WICS, she admitted she isn't a fan, but wondered if her opinion of Trump was largely the result of how he's portrayed in the media, so she was curious to see him in person.

I came here, yes, to observe a man that I already had low expectations for, but I thought maybe he could change my mind. Maybe it was just a media thing and I'm judging too fast based on what the media says and I was wrong, I wasn't. He was exactly what I expected him to be and his supporters are exactly what I expected them to be.

Sources: WICS | Jezebel