Someone please explain everything to me slowly.


I did my best to sum up my layman's understanding of Netanyahu's speech, but the difficulty I had in doing that highlights the most important point in this article: no matter who replaces Jon Stewart, we really need The Daily Show. Sure, it's liberal, and sure, it's a comedian's point of view, but rarely do I walk away from a cable news analysis roundtable with 6 hosts with as much information as I do from this comedy program. Anyway, in this clip, Stewart spends the first few minutes discussing the run-up to the speech, why it was so controversial, the reaction of the Jewish community, and how this affects the US-Israeli relationship. You know, comedy news. Then, he analyzes the big points of the speech itself. You'll learn something, treat yourself.

Sort-of news analysis from a humor blogger:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress yesterday afternoon and basically said that the US and other major powers (France, Russia, Britain, Germany and China) are "offering" Iran a sweetheart deal and that we're all being duped into letting Iran have nukes in 10 years. He is not without a case, but it's also not clear that he has an alternative. Also, since he claims Iran could have a nuke in weeks if it went all-out (not an outlandish claim—similar estimates say Japan could make one in less than a week if they ever felt like it), it's kind of unclear what options besides WWIII are on the table.

Sources: The Daily Show