Has there ever been something so delightfully incompatible as live TV and the Internet?

There are huge dicks in the news every day, but rarely in such a literal sense. The anchors at Fox31 in Denver this morning were discussing the tragic news helicopter crash in Seattle, and engaging in that time-honored time-filler during human interest stories: "let's see how people are reacting." 


So, how did that result in an extremely graphic dick pic? First, you'll need to watch it for yourself (NSFW, of course):

I'm sure everyone watching assumed it was that guy's computer.
(via Dorsey Shaw)

The news helicopter was being used at the time by a local KOMO news team (KOMO news photographer Bill Strothman and pilot Gary Pfitzner were killed in the crash), so the producers searched Twitter for "komo," perhaps thinking that Twitter magic would restrict the results to items related to this news event. Instead, as anyone who uses computers can tell you, other items inevitably popped up, like Edward Scissorhands, a generous helping of food, and a generous helping of something that should be terrified to be so close to Edward Scissorhands. (Here's their reaction for your looped pleasure:)

The guy with the iPad does seem to have practice at smoothly scrolling past porn.
(via Sean Newell)

How do we know that's what happened? Well, this guy tried searching for "komo" and immediately got to the bottom of the case:

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