To be fair, I think Disneyland has an "Obnoxious-Positive" atmosphere.

Greg Benson, of Mediocre Films, doesn't like when people have very loud cell phone conversations in public. So he decided to become part of the conversation instead, so that it's just two people having a conversation in public. Personally, I was impressed by how many people at Disneyland got a kick out of it, even before he explicitly told them what he was doing (the Hurley guy made me nervous for a second, and then I realized I was making assumptions because he looks bro-ish...and surprisingly not fat for Disneyland). Really, there are no losers here. It's catharsis for us, the long-suffering normal people who have to listen to obnoxious loud-talkers (you between the times when we are those people), and it's a cool story for people at Disneyland to tell their friends. Plus, maybe they learned a valuable lesson about keeping their volume down. Or at least being ready to be featured in a YouTube series at any moment.

Now, the time he did it at the airport? Those people really had it coming.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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