The word 'mansplaining' has exploded onto the scene in recent years to put a finer point on an age-old phenomenon: a guy condescendingly (unintentionally or not) explaining something to a woman that doesn't need explaining. It comes in two basic varieties: 1) explaining something she already knows, or 2) explaining why she should do something differently, not because it's wrong but because he or men in general would prefer it otherwise. We asked our readers for their best examples of mansplanations they've experienced or witnessed out in the real world, here are 15 of the best responses (not including the angry ones about how acknowledging this exists is a prelude to wiping out men):


1. Let's start off with Monica's example, which is egregious enough that it may spark its own genre: ManQuizzing.

Don't know if this is Mansplaining or ManQuizzing, you can decide.

This is a conversation which I actually witnessed; it occurred at my place in NY and it was between a male friend of my husband and a female friend of mine. They met for the first time, and my friend is very attractive and the male friend was obviously taken with her.

Man: So where do you live?

Woman: I live in Hollywood, Florida.

Man: Where is that?

Woman: That's in South Florida; not too far from Ft Lauderdale, close to Miami.

Man: Did you know that Miami has its own football team?

Woman: Um, yes.

Man: What's the team's name?

Woman: (giving me a glance like "Are you f'ing kidding me?) The Miami Dolphins.

Man: (With a satisfied look on his face) That's right. Very good.