Way back in 1966, four young Marines at Camp Pendleton in California documented the bond they shared by posing half-naked with a surfboard, Naples News recently reported. All four strapping men served in the Vietnam War and survived, more or less unharmed. Because of this thing called life, the youngsters lost touch after they each served their time in the war. "I was too wrapped up in having a good time at first," 71-year-old Bob Falk said of the disconnect.

They should’ve asked the guy on the far right to join the shirtless club.

A few years ago, they started talking again, but they didn't all meet up again until the weekend of April 23. After reuniting in Florida, they decided to strip down together once more to take another picture on the beach. This time they were joined by a bit more flab, but just as much joyful enthusiasm.

From left to right (in both photos, obviously) is Dennis Puleo, Tom Hanks (he's the one standing up with the Forrest Gump haircut), Bob DeVenezia, and Bob Falk. Nowadays, they're all looking good and are between the ages of 69 and 71. 

You can get a better look at the photo and watch the guys have a good time playing in the sand in this video:


Hopefully they won't wait as long to take another picture together.