"So, what you're saying, sir, is that your grandson is lazy,
and you don't feel like disciplining him yourself?"
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What constitutes a 911-level emergency? Obviously, a fire or a hostage situation would fit the bill. What about your daughter getting trapped in the sewer? Probably. What about your grandson being such a lazy, good-for-nothing lollygagger that none of the household chores are getting done? I'd say that's a great reason to get the police involved. But I'm notoriously intolerant of lollygaggers.

This actually isn't a hypothetical situation. A 72-year-old Massachusetts man called the authorities on his 17-year-old grandson because he reportedly "does nothing around the home" but play on that damn computer thing all goddamned day and night. Like some kind of a punk!

After finally having it all the way up to here with this business, the incensed grandfather cut the cord that piped Internet into the house. Then the kid apparently got angry and punched a hole through the kitchen wall before running off into the woods to calm down. And that's when the cops were called in. Not because of the hole in the wall, mind you, but because his grandfather was "tired of him being lazy." So, it's probably best to let someone else do the heavy lifting with disciplining your teen. Especially if Wheel of Fortune happens to be on.


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Morning Journal | h/t Death and Taxes