This is practically a PSA for how stupid humans look when laughing at cats.
(Skip to :40 for the money giggle)

Karl Stefanovic is a Today show host in Australia, and much like its American counterpart, they have to fill a lot of time in the morning. However, since Karl is not Kathie Lee and Hoda, he had to fill it with something other than white wine. So, naturally, they decided to interview global sensation Grumpy Cat about life, Mondays (a blatant cat stereotype), his new book, and Australian politics.

This is where Grumpy Cat is suddenly replaced by what I think should be the Internet's new mascot: Giggling Carl Stefonovic. Carl was doing a surprisingly good job pretending to interview a silent cat with weird jowls when suddenly he just couldn't take it anymore. Like the receptionist who just got an email forward from her mom, Carl just couldn't stop laughing at that darn cat.

Australia's conservative opposition leader Tony Abbott has yet to respond to Grumpy Cat's grimaces.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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