You may think face swaps are a just a silly toy for millennial amusement, but "JakeMarshall91" (let's not make any assumptions about what his name might be) used his phone to get inside history at the British Museum in London like never before. Hanging out among the statues, Jake face swapped with several Egyptian pharoahs, some Greeks, Louis XIV, and more. By far the most amusing part of this is that the statues' mouths form smiles to match Jake's, letting you see them in a whole new way.

Maybe if more Pharaohs had goofy smiles, they'd still be in charge.
OK, this one gives Jake a sort of creepy Eyes Wide Shut feel.

Some people questioned whether Jake was really getting anything out of the trip if he was just face swapping. He responded, "I can confirm that it is the British Museum in London. I can also confirm I did not just spend my time taking photos of myself, and did in fact learn and take in all of the exhibits whilst there."

"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and say 'uhhhhhhh.'"
Ah, of course, the renowned work of the ancient Duckface people.
That statue looks like it suddenly realized it's made a huge mistake.
This look of irritation is typical of the early modern period.

Can you identify the origins of these? If not, maybe you should visit a museum yourself soon (and take some funny pictures while you're there).

Louis XIV, the sun king, looking a bit puckered.
This one translates way too well.
Zeus looks like he uses a lot of mousse.
Where's the face swap here? Don't see it.