​Wesley Ahlgren summoned thousands of viewers on Perisocope this morning to watch "Naked guy on Times Square." It was the suspenseful drama of a 21-year-old man, surrounded by police, standing naked atop the TKTS building, ranting about Donald Trump, and threatening to jump.

All this, and we are technically still in the primaries.

At first, it seemed like garden variety NYC shenanigans, with the man dancing around. In the video you can hear people in the cafe are laughing at him and the comments on periscope are all "likes" and "nices," but this man was disturbed.

Specifically, he was terrified about an impending Trump presidency. Mohamed Adam, a smoothie cart who witnessed everything told Gothamist the Manhattan man kept yelling, "No no no Trump!"

Gothamist reports a witness says the incident started around 7:15 a.m. The man neatly took his clothes off at the street level and left them in a folded pile. That's when 'Times Square Alliance security told him to put his clothes on, but the man ran up the stairs to the ledge above the TKTS booth."

Sources: h/t Gothamist