Please, please don't let purgatory be one of the theories.
(via Deadspin)

News station KETV Omaha has been focusing heavily on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Obviously, this is because people are riveted by the story, but maybe, just maybe, it's also because the news is a little slow sometimes in Nebraska? That's the only reason I can think of for why someone went so far overboard with this teaser for a segment last night on the many theories surrounding the plane mystery.


As you may have noticed, the teaser (initially spotted by Sports Illustrated's Richard Dietsch) made it look like the TV show 'Lost,' a show about a plane that mysteriously crashes on a desert island, and a show that was also surrounded by exciting mysteries and a billion theories until the inevitable, tragic disappointment of the truth. You see why many found this an insensitive comparison, since the people in 'Lost' were fictional, whereas the missing passengers of Flight 370 are very much real and are not there for our entertainment. Also, we don't need to be reminded that this will end poorly.

KETV NewsWatch 7: Weather And Tragedy On The Hour (via @KETV)

Look, I'm not going to sit here and yell at you for sensationalizing a human tragedy. You're a news station, that's what you need to do to put news food on the news table. Is doing a long piece on all the crazy theories around this essentially just a televised version of what coworkers all across the country do during their coffee breaks? Yes, but you're supposed to make it look dry and rational, so we feel like we're learning while we wildly speculate on the fate of other human beings. Don't be like us. You're supposed to be better than that.

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