He should stick to controversial websites.

No major movie studios have purchased it yet. (via Getty)

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman is a victim of his own company's hack. But he wasn't outed for an affair; he was outed for penning a screenplay entitled In Bed With Ashley Madison. He stuck to the rules that your first screenplay should be 100 pages and really, really awful. The kind of premise that only the author thinks is great, receiving fake smiles and nods of approval when he describes it to friends at parties.


Movies are, of course, loaded with paid advertising placements, usually for cars, food and electronics. Normally it helps if the movie is good and those placements are relatively subtle. An entire movie can even be about a website, if the CEO went to Harvard and stole it from some unsuspecting preppy twins. But in this case, Noel chose to write some sex scenes involving a little person, a farm animal, and a giant sex toy. You know, the kind of family-friendly film that destroys at the box office. It's safe to say that this screenplay will be the least famous exposure from the Ashley Madison saga.

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