As information surrounding Orlando shooter Omar Mateen comes to light, it becomes increasingly apparent that he was a regular at gay clubs, hung out on gay dating apps, and might actually have been struggling with his sexuality.

*Proof he wears ties

One of the people who saw Mateen on a gay dating app was Orlando resident Cord Cedeno, who told TMZ that he first connected with Mateen on Grindr.

Cord Cedeno, creeped out by Mateen long before the shooting.

According to Cedeno, when Mateen reached out to him over messages, he just said "Hi," over and over. If that is the mark of a killer, then there must be thousands of people in filtered Facebook messages for the FBI to investigate.

Cedeno says he eventually blocked Mateen on account of his creepiness (understood), but knows four friends who remained in contact with him on other dating apps. Specifically, Adam4Adam, where Mateen was sending out faceless dick pics.

He says Mateen used Adam4Adam to send shots of his penis to men -- but never showed his face. Cedeno says he has no knowledge Mateen was ever successful in hooking up with a man.