"Bro, how can you not see me?! I'm standing on top of a trash can!"

They do it in public. They do it in the bathroom. They do it from thousands of miles away, and they also do it from 6 inches away; they are the texters. The people who are constantly communicating with someone, somewhere about something, anything, just as long as it doesn't involve eye contact, vocalization and polite behavior — and regardless of whether they're endangering lives by texting. We have collected here some of the worst constant texters ever uploaded to the Internet. If you see something, take a picture of it and load it to the Internet. For some reason it's still our best method of policing what remains of polite behavior.

"LOL whatevs, YOLO!" - You're Only Limber Once

"U see ne1 drownin?" "No, u?" "Nope. Sweet. BRB, words with friends." "K cool, thx."

"At mall. Thinking about getting a new pho-" (20 minutes later) "Got new phone."

"Bro, how can you not see me?! I'm standing on top of a trash can!"


"LOL can u imagine what I'll b like when Im 24?"

"I <3 U" "I <3 U 2" "LOL I'm w/ my bf. He can't see my screen."  "...thats me." "...<3"


The family will sue schools, phone makers, and themselves for making her dumb.

"So glad to be out of war and back here where I can text and bike safely."


"Texting and biking is lame, bro. I'm texting and overthrowing the Syrian government."

"Pff. Insurgent-texting Syria is for pussies. I'm insurgexting Abe Lincoln."


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