25. Prosecutors of semi-attractive murderers: As if bars needed more 6’s hanging around desperately at closing time, this year prosecutors in the Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox trials failed to convict the two obviously guilty, and we guess “kind of OK looking” women. Worse still for the prosecutors, they’ll probably never even get a chance to regret banging one of them come morning.



24. Apple customers: Founder and on-again/off-again Apple CEO Steve Jobs died on October 5, prompting millions of customers with a close personal connection to the head of the mega corporation to send very original “i-[Insert Adjective Meaning Sadness]” tweets and Facebook updates from the very devices Jobs was famous for inventing and price gauging.


23. Rick Perry: Texas governor Rick Perry bravely overcame an obvious mental disability to briefly become the GOP front-runner this year.  Unfortunately, a series of gaffes too innumerable to count — even for people who aren’t Rick Perry — made short order of his plans to replace the president he affectionately named a hunting lodge after.


22. Harold Camping: Seeing as his idea of a good year would have meant the end of the world, we take immense joy in knowing that Family Radio founder Harold Camping failed in predicting the May 21 rapture, the October 21 rapture and exactly how many jelly beans were in that jar.


21. UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop: On November 17, a group of slack-jawed students at UC Davis surrounded campus police Lt. John Pike in a bar and took turns raping him on top of a pinball machine. Luckily for Pike, he remembered the pepper spray technique he had learned in his women’s self-defense class and was able to use it to ward off his many attackers. Sadly though, by the time he summoned the courage to fight back the damage had already been done.