Bae caught me Sidewinderin'. 
(credit: Royal Danish Air Force)

The next time you think to yourself "man, this is going to be an epic selfie," ask yourself two questions: 1.) Isn't it time you stopped saying 'epic'? 2.) Are you flying an F-16 Fighting Falcon while firing a live AIM-9L/M heat-seeking missile, better known as a Sidewinder?

If you answered no to either question, you shouldn't be taking a selfie, because yours will look lame now. This photo, which appeared yesterday on The Aviationist, shows a member of the Royal Danish Air Force doing exactly that. Apparently, F-16s (or at least Danish ones) have a camera mounted on the inside of the cockpit canopy. I presume this is for vlogging on the go, or perhaps for training purposes to show new pilots (like the scene from Top Gun when Kelly McGillis tells Tom Cruise that he's too cocky). 

Also, The Aviationist has a much better explanation of this, but that helmet the pilot is wearing is basically Google Glass on steroids and growth hormones and strapped into a cyborg exoskeleton (the military has had this stuff for a lot longer). Not only is all the pilot's combat stuff (technical term) displayed on his or her visor, they can target enemies just by looking at them.

Sources: The Aviationist | Royal Danish Air Force