Beware the white walkers!

Good Day Philadelphia reporter Karen Hepp has clearly seen some shit. She knows what ice storms—like the one that recently descended upon Pennsylvannia—can do to a community. "We’re going to be having people dying in the next couple of days," she laments. "There will be many, many fires!" she portends. "We will witness massive ice demons climbing up from the freezing depths of the underworld to drink upon the warm blood that pours from our citizens' dying hearts as they spasm in terror before the might of winter personified," she doesn't actually say. But it's implied.

In all honesty, she's probably not completely off base. Nature can be a real asshole, and you'd be silly to not adequately prepare for a storm of this magnitude. But she should maybe dial it down from a frantic Prepare to eat your brood! to a slightly more moderate Maybe take precautions.


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Sean Deminski | h/t Death and Taxes