Houston police officer David Carter is apparently a big believer in "work smarter, not harder." The 13-year veteran of the Houston PD has been temporarily relieved of duty pending an investigation into his ticket-writing activities, which have been allegedly taking place without actually pulling anyone over for speeding first.


The probe was instigated when Houston resident Emanuel Morfin received a ticket in the mail for going 90 mph on a 60 mph section of the North Freeway in Houston. This struck Morfin as odd, since as he points out, "Actually, I was down south in South Texas, so I'm like, well how am I speeding in Houston if I'm out of town? It was kind of ridiculous. I was kind of shocked.” Soon, local news discovered he wasn't the only one receiving mysterious tickets in the mail.

Officer Carter giving KHOU 11 reporter Jeremy Rogowsky the ol' no comment two-step.

Officer Carter stuck to a well-delivered "I have no comment" response to the KHOU 11 news team's repeated questions. But answers he gave to police investigators have made things even worse. Carter alleges he clocked Morfin speeding by matching it in his (Carter's) personal vehicle, not in his patrol car.

Emanuel Morfin, a very confused man and innocent motorist.
Sources: KHOU