While public transportation is in theory incredibly convenient and good for the Earth or whatever, the reality is that more often than not a ride on public transport is like living out a scene from a dystopian film where Jennifer Lawrence doesn't save the day. It's not only about dingy subway cars and delays. Shady stuff is going down on public transport. 

You in about 60 seconds.

These 21 stories from several different Reddit threads confirm what most people already know: public transportation is the nexus of disgusting, creepy scenes. Continue on for lots of barf, drugs, and sex.

1. SaddestClown will never know what this was all about.

I once saw an argument escalate until one guy stabbed the other with the smallest blade on the smallest Swiss army knife I've ever seen. Best part was the guy that got stabbed telling everyone not to worry because he deserved it and they were settling an argument. They got off the bus together and walked off in the same direction so who knows.

2. StickleyMan's passengers were used to this sight. That's the unsettling part.

I once saw a homeless guy in Chicago play 30 seconds of "When the Saints Go Marching in" on a trumpet and then proceed to drop his pants and take a massive dump in the middle of the El. Thing is, half the people on the train didn't even flinch.