Everything about these photos of a carpet python eating a king parrot in Queensland, Australia is completely amazing. Between the brightly colored plumage of the bird slowly disappearing into the snake's huge jaws and the fact that this is happening way the hell over in Australia, nothing could be more exciting to look at from the wildlife-free safety of your desk this morning.

Wow! Nature really is breathtaking when you're looking at photos of it later.

The photos were sent to professional snake catcher (there's probably like a million people in Australia with that job title) Stuart McKenzie, who shared them on his Facebook page last week. McKenzie tells BuzzFeed that the snake is probably six to nine feet long, and made a home in the roof of this house, which is scary-cool as long as you live in an area with absolutely zero carpet pythons.

Holy shit, that snake is so badass cause that's not your house.
Oh man, you could only enjoy this more if you knew this could never happen to you.
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