Have you ever bought secondhand clothes and found a dollar in the pocket? This is like that times 1000.

Refugees sort through used clothes after arriving in Germany.

If you've avoided reading up on the ongoing refugee crisis, that's understandable. It's deeply depressing, and it's easy to feel helpless. But let this story be a heartwarming way for you to dip your toe into the chilly, chilly reality of what's going on.

Angela Kerrigan and Jo Kenmuir are two 30-year-old Scottish women who felt they had to do something after seeing horrific images of what refugees were going through on the news. They collected clothes and money from their neighbors in Kilmarnock and brought them to Calais to give to migrants arriving in the UK.

While sorting through the 42 bags of donated clothes, Kerrigan noticed a note fall out of the pocket of an old jacket. She was so moved by what it said, she shared it on Twitter:

Sources: The Independent