Of the 580 reviews on TripAdvisor for Bennett's Cafe & Bistro, 438 rate the York, England restaurant as "Excellent." With customers decisively in favor of Bennett's, this negative review is clearly in the minority. According to Mashable, a Hannah C. wrote the TripAdvisor review after she was charged for ordering a hot water and lemon.

This place is absolutely awful. I went out for afternoon tea with some friends and I was on a tight budget. I ordered hot water and a slice of lemon which, firstly, did not arrive on time with all my friends cake and drinks. I was then charged £2 for the hot water and a thin slice of lemon. When I asked why I was being charged so much for some water the waiter rudely said "well, do you know how much a lemon costs?" Yes, its definitely not £2. He then went on to wrongly inform me that a 'pot of tea for one' (which is what I was charged for) is the same price as a lemon. To show just how ridiculous this is, my friend ordered a slice of chocolate cake which was £1.90.

Dreadful place, would definitely not recommend, and the rude waiter that served me should be sacked. I will not be returning and will be advising friends and family not to go there.