The crew of the TV nature show River Monsters had their own real-life adventure when they saved a man stranded on an island during a shoot off the coast of Australia. The potentially life-saving discovery was captured on camera as the crew, including host Jeremy Wade, filmed off the coast of Australia's Northern Territory in November. They were searching for a rare fish near the largely uninhabited island when they caught sight of the man on shore.

Wade described what they saw when approaching the island:


We saw this blue and white plastic cooler box sitting on some rocks. Somebody made the joke that maybe we're going to see Tom Hanks suddenly appear. And the next thing we knew there was a guy looking rather sort of wild and ragged staggering down the beach towards us.

Once they were able to get to shore and get him on the boat, he immediately began asking for water. The man, identified as a local fisherman named Termini, said he got lost after leaving his boat to look for oysters. He had been stuck on the island for nearly 60 hours, and was suffering from heat stroke and dehydration. He told the crew that he thought he might not make it, and was "ready to die."


Despite the brush with death, there were no reports of him encountering a giant smoke monster from LOST. And, unlike LOST, this had a good ending. The crew quickly got him medical attention, and he made a full recovery.

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