You may have heard recently that a man named Sanmay Ved briefly snagged the quite-valuable domain of out from under the Internet giant. Fortunately for Google, they were also the ones selling the address, so they were able to cancel the transaction the same day. How did Google discover this mishap so quickly? Well, because Sanmay told Google Security about it. Now they're rewarding him, and he convinced them to double it through a remarkably generous gesture.

The improbable sight Sanmay was greeted with early on September 29.

You need to understand that Mr. Ved used to work for Google and is a Google megafan. He was looking at Google-related domain names in at 1:40 AM on September 29 when he noticed that "" had just gone on sale. Figuring it was just a glitch, Ved put his name and credit card info down just in case. 

At this point we would've panicked and texted "STOP STOP STOP STOP!"

He was shocked when he not only immediately received emails saying he had been charged a whopping $12.00 for a year's ownership of, but started getting webmaster emails and other internal emails that clearly indicated he was now the real owner of the address.