Which strain won't make me feel like there are a thousand cameras trained on me?
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Hey cool! Buying legal weed looks just like how buying illegal weed feels.

Today, Iraq war veteran Sean Azzariti became the first man to purchase recreational, non-medical marijuana in Colorado after the law legalizing recreational sales went into effect at 8 AM. 

Here's everything you need to know about the new law. If you're planning on taking a red eye to Denver tonight, be warned. Out-of-towners are only allowed to buy a quarter-ounce at a time, unlike the big fat ounce Colorado residents can score.

In the below video of the transaction, Azzariti said it was "an honor" to be the first purchaser, and that marijuana helps him with his PTSD symptoms. When asked how long the eighth he bought would last, he said that he might not even smoke it, instead preserving it in a frame on his wall. 

There you have it. "No I'm just going to frame it" is the new "I was only holding it for a friend."


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Getty Images