Prepare to have your money swiped.

Oops! I accidentally paid for Tinder. (via)

Maybe Tinder was tired of being called cheap. Since the location-based dating app debuted in 2012, critics have consistently accused it of being little more than a free way of lining up casual sex partners. But with today's launch of Tinder Plus, at least the "free" part has changed. Now you can pay to line up casual sex partners.

Tinder Plus, which costs $10/month, does add one feature that Tinderers have been clamoring for since the beginning. Paid users can now undo a left swipe (for the uninitiated, that's how you reject a potential match), just in case you change your mind and decide you do want a piece of that. The new service also adds a "passport" feature that lets you look at users from a different area than where you currently are. It's intended for travel, so you don't have to have any downtime between getting off the plane and getting off. If your Tinder game is really strong, you could even have your matches meet you at your gate. The downside, of course: no flight attendant will ever be able to force passengers to turn their phones off again. When sex is at stake, everyone on board will become an Alec Baldwin.


The introduction of Tinder Plus is bad news for anyone who doesn't want to upgrade. Unpaid users will now see ads, and will also have a limited number of "likes" they can use in a sitting. If they hit their limit, they'll have to either sign up for Plus or wait a day. Tinder is basically turning itself into Candy Crush Saga, but with sex. That's diabolical. They're combining the two most addictive things in the history of humanity. It's almost enough to make you want to start meeting people in person again. Almost.

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