Una canción para el principal.

Once a student makes it all the way through four years of high school and stands at the precipice of graduation, there's really not a whole lot that the school principal can do to him or her. This authority figure—who, for four years, held an immense amount of power over the student body—probably finds him or herself feeling pretty impotent.

If you want just a glimpse at what it might feel like to have so much power stripped away so suddenly, just gaze upon the befuddlement in evidence on this Santa Barbara principal's face as he patrols the halls of his school, followed by a mariachi band that was instructed by a bunch of students to dog his steps and serenade him with the traditional folk music of Mexico:

I think redditor 9mmAndA3pcSuit summed this weirdness up best when he commented: "Señor prank." Too true. 

(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Santa Barbara Unified School District | h/t redditor 69Swag69