It seems like every week there's another viral sorority girl scandal, and another episode that highlights the institutional racism and disgusting personal biases that have existed in this country since its founding. This recent story is two for the price of one. 

At Southern Methodist University in Texas, where less than 1% of the freshman population is black, a thread on the message board GreekRank about sorority recruitment was less fun and flirty than it was hate speech. Reading like the ruling of Plessy vs. Ferguson, a bunch of sisters came together to preach segregation when it comes to sorority life on campus.



The original poster wrote:

This is the south (hence SOUTHERN Methodist University), and a majority of girls are legacies with strong ties to the chapters they join (or will join), and tend to come from old money.

The reality is is that black pnms are often unqualified for recruitment (low GPA, bad grades, not involved on campus, know nothing about the houses) and are heavily unprepared (no letters of recommendations or letters of support) and generally come from a completely different background (impoverished lower class).

So going through recruitment is 10x tougher as a black woman, and you will have to work harder than other white, Asian, Hispanic or foreign women.

I know someone asked about it and this is a hot topic on YY, but it's the truth. people can deny and act like the houses are flooded with black girls, but they aren't.

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