It's almost impossible to get a person naked without finding some ink. Tattoos used to be counter-culture, but now they're so common that when I tell people I don't have any, I'm usually asked, "Why not?"


Beyond making me easily identifiable if I were ever to commit a crime, getting a tattoo is an invitation for strangers to come up to me and ask me to explain it. And that seems really annoying. This week I went out and asked five random people to explain theirs.

1. Chris Rapoza, 33, Bartender

"We have money, lets go get tattoos."

I found Chris sitting outside Pearls, a bar in Bushwick. He's spent about $1K on tattoos.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

"I was 15, got it in Fort Collins, Colorado 20 years ago and it was cheap as shit. $50 or $60 after tip. It was part of this one., the praying hands. This one I added on to it, the volleyball."