I wish it were graded just so he could get a 'D.' 
(via redditor jds13x)

This photo is from Lambert High School in Suwanee, GA, and fortunately the teacher thought it was funny. The answer sheet was apparently filled out by reddit user BlasianBam, although it was posted by his friend, user jds13x (stealing that sweet, sweet karma for himself).

The teacher in the photo is apparently announcing that BlasianBam was about to be called to the office (while still holding up his handiwork for everyone to laugh at). He's still a very popular teacher, though: former students on reddit immediately identified him as science teacher Jimmy Hollingsworth. (Although an equal number of commenters identified him as a certain motivational speaker who warns you about living in a van down by the river.)

Although jds13x originally thought this was a final (which makes sense, since Hollingsworth allows you to not count one test grade towards your semester average), it turns out it was a mandatory survey for "instructional focus"—but you're still taking a pretty big risk handing in a bubbled-in penis in high school, since many schools have gone off the deep end discipline-wise in recent years.

Hopefully as Senior Spring progresses, more students will allow us a glimpse into their end-of-education slacking off.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor jds13x