The town of Gothenburg, Sweden awoke Sunday morning to a light snowfall and a frozen river. Also, a penis. Not their lovers' phalluses (well, maybe some did), but to a work of unsolicited public art in King's Park. Some brave and determined soul had slid out onto thin ice just to share their dick pic with the world. Here's a photo from one concerned citizen:

Some people cleaning the park noticed it from the ground level and alerted professional penis cleaners from the Gothenburg's Parks and Landscape Administration. Unfortunately, or very fortunately depending on how you look at the world, the ice had become too brittle to safely trod upon. So, either the person who made it is very light, or they thought potentially drowning was a worthwhile risk.


Mashable reports that the director of the Administration, Darko Brankovic, said in local tabloid Aftonbladet that there's nothing much they can do until warm weather thaws and softens the penis or more snow falls to gently cover it. Also, that he could "understand both those who think that the penis is offensive and those who only see the fun in it all." Very diplomatic, sir.