Today in "Yo Republicans: of course the people fleeing the enemy aren't the enemy," a Syrian refugee in Berlin has started a project to thank Germany for giving him a safe haven. Every Saturday, Alex Assali cooks hot meals with the limited money and ingredients he has, and feeds homeless people outside the Alexanderplatz subway station.


THATS ALEX! A big shoutout to him this morning, Dieser Mann beeindruckt mich zu tiefst! Seine Geschichte ist nicht...

Posted by Tabea Bü on Saturday, November 21, 2015

Alex distributes hot food from a small folding table with a sign saying, "Give something back to German people." Another sign explains a bit more about the project:

"Our target is to give something back to the people who helped us," it says, "We are not consumer people but we are people who love tender. We want to be a positive part in the German community. Want to be one hand (Syrian and German citizens) to help the others and help each other."

Alex's friend Tabea Bü shared an image of him hard at work on Facebook. She writes:

THAT'S ALEX! A big shout out to him this morning, this man impressed me deeply! His story is not tangible for me and I can not begin to understand what he had to do but I'm so glad to have met him and to see what he does. He really lost everything, he had to leave behind because the IS people wanted to kill him he's walking from here to there and has left his old life back his family in Syria.
And now he's in Germany and goes every Saturday. although he himself does not have much on the street and distributed food to the homeless. True to its motto "GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO THE GERMAN PEOPLE". Yesterday I was able to go with him and help, I am so fascinated by this man! Yeah So I have the feeling like, God bless him as he is a blessing for so many more people! THANK YOU ALEX!

Sources: h/t Daily Mail