Benjamin Golden, the former Taco Bell executive who assaulted an Uber driver and got caught by dash-cam video that went viral, is now suing the driver for $5 million. Golden was quickly vilified after the video of him punching the driver, Edward Caban, went viral.

In the original incident, Golden was extremely drunk, and repeatedly punched and slapped Caban when he asked him to get out of his car. Caban was able to use pepper spray on Golden, and he was arrested shortly thereafter by police. After the video went viral, Golden was fired from his job as a marketing executive at Taco Bell.

This genius thinks Uber drivers have $5 million just lying around.
Edward Caban

In his lawsuit, he claims the driver illegally recorded the incident, and will seek to have the video barred from evidence in the criminal trial against him. He also said in court documents that Caban is to blame for any injuries suffered during the Oct. 30 ride.


This is a brilliant strategy for Golden to redeem his good name and reputation. Deny responsibility and sue some poor guy that works hard for more money than he'll ever see in a lifetime. 

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