Turkey That's Planning To Eat You For Dinner

Thanksgiving is almost here again, which means it's time to force conversation with creepy loved ones in between hiding in your childhood room for depression-fueled naps. We've recently discovered that turkeys themselves are getting even scarier than those weirdos you'll be painstakingly reconnecting with. Perhaps thinking of these deeply disturbed birds during your holiday will help put your human kin in perspective. Make sure to let us know of any others you see around the Web or, if you're feeling especially nuts, make your own and send a photo to [email protected]!


Turkey That Craps With The Door Open


Snooki Turkey


Awkwardly Overdressed Turkey


Morbidly Obese Turkey


Turkey That Puts The Lotion In The Basket


Turkey With Terrible, Terrible Parents


Turkey With Debilitating Bacon Envy


Turkey That Got Beat Up A Lot By Other Turkeys