Oh God. Pam's fallen into another Disney memory loop!

If you wonder how prevalent the use of Facebook has become, all you have to do is take a glance at the increasing number of Facebook users who are sill looking for the hand crank on their laptops. These people still don't trust touch-tone phones or refrigerator door ice dispensers, but the lure of sending utterly baffling messages to their grandchildren on a daily basis forced them to plunge headfirst into the 21st century. This list celebrates the wrinkliest members of your social network in all their confused and sometimes panicked glory.


The winking emoticon is going to blow his goddamn mind.


You have to shout it out loud while typing it. "BRIAN!"


You got the message didn't you? Don't talk back to your elders!


In my day, you had to work for a coupon to be sent to your email!


It's nice to see them reconnect via loud, endless screams.


Updated 3/6/13:

Ha ha, Mom doesn't know DTF stands for "down to fart."


Her parents named her Panera after the restaurant, and she married Benjamin Bread.


Frankly, it would be nice if the 21st century checked in now and then with some PSAs.


Oh no! Now everyone knows and they will get her.

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