We all have our pet peeves. (via Cheezburger)

Cheating is really stupid. Cheating in the Age of Facebook is really, really stupid. Cheating on your significant other when they know your Facebook password is really, really, really, really stupid. Everyone in this list did the first two stupid things, but it's really amazing how many people put in the extra lack of effort needed to go full stupid. Hopefully you'll read this and feel good about what a decent person you are for not being a horrible person, or maybe you'll think of something creative to do to someone who's wronged you. Alternatively, you might get really freaked out and decide that now's a good time to break it off with that loser on the side and delete all your texts, calls, emails, and Facebook messages. That would be a good idea.

What kind of guy doesn't know his girlfriend's cup size? (via Chive)

Mercedes has multiple drivers. (via Lamebook)

She won't settle for just the best. (via Cheezburger)

Going from triple to single in a day is rough. (via Lamebook)

A twist worthy of M. Night. (via Cheezburger)

"My dumb wife will never catch me. She's on Facebook all day. Wait, crap!"

Wow, 870 people like that black silk nightie? This is a huge social marketing win for Target.

Our only question is what being "a bot naughty" means, and if we can do it with Siri's voice.

Isn't it nice when you can turn to real people on the Internet for answers?

There is no shaming more painful than shaming at the hands of a nice person.

Maybe Alice should sign up for Ashley Madison instead of propositioning random people.

"Skidt skidt skidt" makes the "sweat drop down my balls" lyric even more disturbing.

First: Karl, don't repost your wife's picture. Second: Looks like the most boring affair ever.

Maybe if Facebook was always this exciting, it wouldn't be losing millions of users now.

That must be a GREAT episode of Top Gear.

The mystery of the Breakup Xbox Agreement will haunt us forever.

Do people realize that we're not writing statuses as if the name is in the sentence anymore?

Sigh... we've never heard a girlfriend call even our chlamydia "virile."

Have YOU tried fucking numerous men, Randy? No? Then don't say it's not complicated.

Sam may be a tool, but he's the only one getting Liked in this whole fiasco.

That makes sense except the part where they had so much sex the kids missed school.

"You were so far away, and herpes keeps me warm. In my genitals. When I pee."

If there was ever a phone that seemed like it should be shattered, it's this guy's.

"C'mon Sable, I wasn't calling her baby, I was just talking about my baby with her!"

Is it cheating if you just have cybersex, quest with, and pretend to marry someone? Yes.

Pwah... pwahst. Pwahseetoots. Pwashteeoots. Pwashteetoots!

"Crap. I knew there was something I was supposed to do: not bang old dudes."

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