Who said band teachers aren't funny? I have no idea, but if they did, they're wrong. 
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April Fool's Day was a much more private affair before the Internet, but now that pranks can have global reach, big corporations have tried to outdo each other in their annual attempts to convince the public that they're fun-loving jokesters. (Not like our April Fool's jokes. Our April Fool's jokes are great.) But those jerks get enough attention as it is.

These are some of best pranks we saw on reddit yesterday from average Janes and Joes who weren't hoping to increase brand awareness (although, let's be honest, a lot of them were doing it for imaginary Internet points). Most of them just aimed to amuse, one or two skirted going over the line, or risked divorce, but at least no one on this list called in a fake school shooting. So let's just appreciate these sincere, pure, selfless attempts to mess with people.

How this went down: "Fred! Come outside! Someone slashed your tires!"
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April Fool's! your mornings aren't a pit of despair like every other day! 
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If anyone tries to tell you there's no such thing as pure evil, show them this picture.
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Fortunately, they're already in the right place if this scares the s*** out of them.
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In 10 years, the prank will be that the voice activation isn't working.
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"When the automatic seat moves into my wife's driving position" said the now-single redditor.
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The amount of planning guarantees a charge of first-degree pranking.
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Thanks, Obama.
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If this were true, next year's students would make angry calls to the school board about
how their education is too important to miss a day.
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These were brought into what I assume was this guy's last day in the office.
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Bonus: Worst Prank Idea Of The Day:

The air horn redditor is not as single as this guy today.
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